Valley SmurfsCup #140
Tue. 06th August (20:00 CEST)
This cup starts in:
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Because this is an upcoming cup, there isn't much information to share on this page. This page will be constantly updated with new information during the SmurfsCups. You can always check the Live Rankings-page for more detailed rankings during the SmurfsCup.

Current mappool

The following maps are in the current mappool for the SmurfsCups on Valley:

Mapname: TTC Valley #- riolu #5
Author: riolu

Mapname: Notcaltron
Author: mabax

Mapname: made by me
Author: azoraqt

Mapname: Broken Bridge
Author: butifarra

Mapname: Valley Deciduous 
Author: killerboye

Mapname: Colors of the evening
Author: derstef

Mapname: Summer ride
Author: olda_x