Royal SmurfsCups
Find all information about the Royal SmurfsCups here.

On this part of the website you can find everything about the SmurfsCups on Royal. The SmurfsCups on Royal are organized by our ShootMania adminteam.

How to participate?

1.Check the playdates;
2.Train the cupmaps;
3.Join the server and play!

Royal SmurfsCup #500

Sun. 09th July
20:00 CEST
1st - Ekinox
2nd - HYPE Smurf
3rd - ^^

Royal SmurfsCup #499

Sun. 02nd July
20:00 CEST
1st - ^^
2nd - luxxy.
3rd - HYPE Smurf

Royal SmurfsCup #498

Sun. 25th June
20:00 CEST
1st - HYPE Smurf
2nd - cr
3rd - dıobart

Current mappool

The following maps are in the current mappool for the SmurfsCups on Royal:

Mapname: SmurfscupRoyal
Author: bluetoothusb

Mapname: Royal - Goin
Author: hubble

Mapname: Chapi Face [MP3] ! by silver
Author: der_rote_flitzer

Mapname: Royal - Time For Fun
Author: der_rote_flitzer

Mapname: HeartBreaker
Author: bluetoothusb

Mapname: Stoked by Hypnotoad
Author: wohoohi

Mapname: Royal - Colossus''
Author: cartoonlink

Mapname: Home Of Champions
Author: tilli-klaus

Mapname: Harvester of chaos 2022
Author: bluetoothusb

Mapname: Royal - Happy End!
Author: der_rote_flitzer